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Get clarity on your goals, try out a new version of yourself, or release a block.

Use these single sessions as a one-off breakthrough or as a PAYG way of getting 1-1 coaching if you're not ready to invest in a Transform 1-1 Coaching Container yet (these are my coaching packages for 6-18 weeks).

Get £50 off your FIRST single session.

Full details on the booking form.

‚ėÄÔłŹ Your¬†session is fully tailored to whatever you want to break through, whether you need to get unstuck, get clarity on an issue, or get through something.¬†Examples of things we can work on:


I just LOVE these sessions because they are so empowering and energising to help you plot your future of world domination! 

A GOALS session helps you:

  • Get super clear on your goals
  • Identify any limitations
  • Envision your success
  • To encode¬†your goal into the future¬†using subconscious¬†rewiring techniques
  • Clarify your next steps¬†


These sessions are so FUN to do because you get to meet your Ultimate Self and embody the version you that has the habits and behaviours that you want.

An IDENTITY session helps you:

  • Get¬†clarity on who is your Ultimate Self
  • Identify any limiting identities
  • Embody¬†your¬†new identity
  • To shift your identity¬†using subconscious¬†rewiring techniques
  • Clarify your next steps


The work we do here is so rewarding because you get to FREE YOURSELF from something that is holding you back. 

A RELEASE session helps you:

  • Use a safe space to express any limitations or uncomfortable emotions
  • Identify the root cause¬†and release it
  • Be supported, seen, and heard throughout
  • To shift¬†through the issue using subconscious¬†rewiring techniques
  • Clarify your next steps

FULL DISCLOSURE: The benefits outlined above are very much dependant on the depth of the challenge you bring into the session. While I will do everything I can to help and guide you in 1-hour it may not be enough time.