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Are you ready to release your authentic SELF and have the life you LOVE waking up to?

YES, or no? There is no maybe.



Is any of this vibing with you?


You know you're meant for more. You may not be sure what "more" means yet. And you might feel like you can't or shouldn't ask for it so you end up feeling a bit stuck and frustrated instead.


You've perhaps had coaching or therapy and have seen some results but haven't had the changes you'd hoped for and you'd love to finally free yourself from the what's holding you back!


You've had enough of your own excuses yet you still catch yourself making them. Yet at other times you are fired up and ready to go, but somehow something seems to get in the way.


I see you! I know that you know you are meant for more. And that you are the person willing to take 100% responsibility for your life, drop the stories that are holding you back, and make bold AF moves to create lasting change as your awesome authentic self. 

This is how I see the world and why I can help you make a lasting transformation.



You are not broken and you don’t need to "grow" or "develop". You are a limitless being experiencing yourself through limiting filters of emotions, physicality, and subconscious programming. I help you dissolve those limiting filters and free your authentic self.


The subconscious isn't just in your mind it's held in your whole body and that's why mindset work alone doesn't cut it. I help you regulate your nervous system and rewire your subconscious so you can live with ease and flow.


You don't have to force yourself to be high vibe all the while as your low vibe times are when lessons are presenting themselves to give you the opportunity to learn and release. I help embrace the insights from your emotions and triggers without being overwhelmed so you are able to be present with yourself.


Your shadow self (AKA your inner child) needs to be understood and needs to feel safe and be met, seen, and integrated. Together we bring it into the light and heal your relationship with yourself.


Your outer world is a mirror of your inner world where people and experiences are data showing you where you are limited or blocked. I help you take full responsibility for how you are showing up in your life through inner work and outer action.


Life is beautifully meaningless and is a limitless playground where you have the power to create any meaning you choose and change any meaning you don't like or that doesn't serve you. Let's work together to free yourself from your programmed limitations and transform any part of your life that you choose to.


These are some of the powerful neuroscience-backed skills and tools I use to help guide you through your transformation back home to your authentic self.








Working with conscious experiments combined with subconscious rewiring (and a dash of humour) means this work is liberating, energising, mostly fun, doesn't have to take forever, and while it can be challenging at times the resulting transformation is lasting. You will be in control throughout, although I will push you out of your comfort zone, and cheerlead you as you go!

Are you almost ready? 

Does this feel both expansive and a little scary?

If so, then the timing is perfect. You in?


Remember, your outer world mirrors your inner world. 

What you receive...


☀️ 100% confidentiality in a safe, inclusive, and trauma-sensitive space 

☀️ Zero judgment, lots of compassion, and a sprinkle of humour (where appropriate)

☀️ A mirror, a cheerleader, and a guide who has your back all the way

What you give...


☀️ A promise to show up fully, openly and take up space, and own your beliefs

☀️ A commitment to the process (especially when you feel resistance)

☀️ A willingness to let go of and transform your current identity and stories 

Who you become... 


☀️ Your authentic self free from old limitations who is at peace and at ease

☀️ Someone with the tools to tackle any setback or obstacle (because inner work is layered and not one-and-done!)

☀️ An unstoppable aligned action-taker and creator of your reality


I'm Polly, your transformation guide.


Not so long ago I was stuck AF! I remember sitting in my studio apartment in London wondering when life had become such a routine. I still remember the heaviness of it.

I decided to test out two timelines in my mind.

One was to do nothing about my situation and stick with what was familiar and known. The other was doing something radical and risky to shake sh*t up, and taking a chance on giving myself a life that I wanted to wake up to.

That first timeline was deflating and depressing. The second, while scary, was exciting and expansive!

So I took the leap. 

I base-jumped into uncertainty. Gave up all security, packed my bags and hit the road leaving behind my London life.

The rest, as they say, is history.

You do not have to go to these same extremes!

The truth is it was really hard. I had sh*t to heal and release, fears to befriend, shadows to heal, and at the same time fulfil my basic survival needs while isolated and alone.

It was when I finally asked for help that sh*t started to shift.

And I started to believe in myself and what I'm capable of and started manifesting new opportunities.

Because that's how it works!

When we let go of our limitations we open up a direct line to infinite possibilities in the quantum field. And we can start taking action that feels right and inline with our authentic self - the self before the limitations were programmed in.

Now, I'm not going to tell you that I'm free of all limitations! I'm not (I am a human-in-progress). But I'm free enough to know that my purpose is to help other people, just like you, transform their lives as I continue my own transformation. And I'm free enough to know that waiting to live until I'm somehow "fixed" (when no-one is broken) is the ultimate act of procrastination.

So if you are "almost ready" I am here to help you release the things that have been holding you back, learn the tools to tackle anything life throws at you, and transform yourself so you have the life you love waking up to!


Investing in yourself is like dropping a pebble in a pond... 

... you signal to your subconscious that you are worth it and committed to taking real action towards your goals, which means you are already moving forward. And you will start to feel small shifts and changes right away. How cool is that?


Your options are detailed on the form including the investment amounts. You can also request a free call for a chat.


If not NOW, when?